With her pictures and music videos being seen worldwide, Erica was definitely on the right track towards her dreams. In March of 2007, she welcomed her own pride & joy into the world, King. After King, came to be, Erica’s whole world changed. She realized that it was no longer herself she was fighting for but also her son. Her dream changed from just wanting fame to wanting to make a difference, so that her son can grow up without the struggles she suffered. So back on the grind with a different mindset, Erica set out to be someone different. Beginning to steer away from being just the “video girl”, Erica decided to take on one more music video that could possibly launch her acting career. Starring in Akon’s “So Paid” video allowed Erica to show off her acting skills. From being Akon’s accomplice in stealing money, all the way to the end of Akon leaving her high and dry. Erica definitely had audiences all over wanting to see more of her than in just music videos and interviews.

With the universe working in mysterious ways, in 2009, she landed a role on “Kourtney & Khloe: Take Miami” on ‘E!’. Working with the Kardashians to open up their Dash store in Miami. After being seen on this show, in 2011 VH1 contacted Erica to be apart of their second season of “Love & Hip Hop (New York)”. Being the “fire cracker” on the show, Erica gained more fans and more opportunities. Having recorded a track with the help of various industry moguls, Erica was able to show off another talent to the world. From there on, the world seemed to be more interested in who Erica is as a person rather than see who she is on television. Wanting the same, Erica decided to venture into being an author.

While still working on the show, Erica released not one but two books. One book, which describes her life in detail, is called “Underneath it all”. Erica wanted the world to know exactly where she came from and how she came to be ‘The” Erica Mena. With so many positive comments and questions on her love life, she felt as if she could let the world in a little more. She then published her second book called “Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette: The Girl Factor”, which describes her love life in detail as a lover of all no matter what.

At the end of 2013, being swamped by questions and suggestions for her style, Erica decided it was time to have the world dress like her. Teaming up with various teams such as Aces Nation, and designing her own clothes, HER by Erica Mena, Inc. was born. With styles that you may have seen her wear to styles that she just loves to wear around the house, HER by Erica Mena, Inc. is definitely rising with fresh new styles every season.

Erica Mena is a Daughter, Mother, Lover, Model, Singer, Author, Actress, and Entrepreneur. Above all she is a WOMAN. A woman, like most, who works hard everyday to provide for her family. A woman who is strong and can over come any obstacle put in her way. A fire cracker but underneath it all, she is a kind hearted soul that’s just going after her dreams and trying to make a difference. Sometimes surprising even herself with new talents, there’s no telling what the next great success that is to come from HER. Just as the world never stops spinning, Erica will never stop rising to the top.

Erica Mena


Special Note to THE Mena Army

I would like to thank all my fans, my Mena Army! The continued support is both over-whelming and humbling. As most of you know, I started this journey to follow my dreams and with all of the drama I’ve gone through, it has become more then that. Because of my fans, my goal is to make a difference in the world. With the talents God has graced me with, I will continue to strive for better in order to make that difference. Thank you Mena Army and future Soldiers for your continued love & support. 1, 2, 3, 4 Mena Army is the best I could ask for!

In the year of 1987, on November 8th, one very strong mother graciously delivered a beautiful Puerto Rican/Dominican baby girl who we all know now as Erica Mena. As she grew older, she began to show signs of wanting to be a performer. Jumping in front of the camera and posing or saying something witty every chance she got. After a while, she began to find different role models to look up to such as: Marilyn Monroe, Rita Moreno, Cindy Crawford, Selena and her number one role model, Jennifer Lopez. Learning everything she could about each one these role models, she began putting on shows for family and friends. Singing as well as dancing to every Selena and Jennifer Lopez hit there was at the time.

Hitting the age of 14, Erica decided is was time to chase after her dream instead of just waiting for various modeling agencies to do so. After being in a magazine called, IN Gear, she began to gain modeling jobs right away. What really made her dreams a reality was when MTV aired the “J.Lo Look-a-like contest” where Erica wowed the judges by putting on the best Jennifer Lopez act out there. After winning on this show, Erica was casted to be in her first music video as a video girl in “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” by Young Gunz. With her modeling and video girl career taking off, at the age of 16, MTV offered her another show to perform on called “Say What Karaoke”. Erica won this as well, and went on to winning the fans live vote on the shows live segment.

After being on these shows, Erica began building her brand. Having being known mostly for being the main video girl in numerous music videos such as Chris Brown’s “Excuse me Miss” and 50 cent’s “Candy Shop”. Erica was still looking for a little more. At this time, she began gracing the covers of numerous magazines such as XXL, KING, The Source, Hype hair and Don Diva. XXL Magazine also crowned her their “XXL Eye Candy of the Month” in November of 2004. These are just a few magazines she has been on, so you can only imagine how many more there are out there.





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